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Sincerity Chakra - 2022

Acrylic on wood - 55.1 x 51.2 in

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Blue spirals linked to the 5th Chakra activate Sincerity.

Chakras are energy centers that move within our body. Each chakra is linked to a color that relates to the vibration or frequency of a specific chakra. The circulation of energy in each of your chakra influences your physical and mental well-being by way of stimulation or inhibition.
The 5th chakra named Throat, symbolized by blue color, is located at the throat. The throat chakra allows to identify feelings, emotions and creativity, in order to understand the mission on earth. The role of this 5th chakra is to allow the person to express what he/she thinks, feels inside himself/herself in order to maintain a sincere communication and to be able to give but also receive. The Throat chakra allows to have a lot of diplomacy and pure relationships with others, a harmonious and serene expression.
Blue spirals of this painting spreads out a strong positive energy, opening and balancing your 5th chakra, in order to lead to the greatest sincerity, by listening and speaking with your heart.

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