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Love Chakra - 2022

Acrylic on wood - 55.1 x 51.2 in

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Green spirals linked to the 4th Chakra activate unconditional Love

Chakras are energy centers that move within our body. Each chakra is linked to a color that relates to the vibration or frequency of a specific chakra. The circulation of energy in each of your chakra influences your physical and mental well-being by way of stimulation or inhibition.
The 4th chakra called the Heart chakra, symbolized by green color is located in the center of the chest, on the breastbone.
The Heart chakra eceives the energies emitted from the other chakras to transform them into a force that embraces unconditional love. The role of this 4th chakra is to enhance the love we have for ourselves, with the sole purpose of developing our capacity to love others, but also to accept their love in return.
Green spirals of this painting spreads out a strong positive energy, opening and balancing your 4th chakra, by guiding you towards an open mind and an openness towards the world. A feeling of joy and confidence prevails, and one becomes free.

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