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Confidence Chakra - 2022

Acrylic on wood - 55.1 x 51.2 in

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Yellow spirals linked to the 3rd Chakra activate Confidence

Chakras are energy centers that move within our body. Each chakra is linked to a color that relates to the vibration or frequency of a specific chakra. The circulation of energy in each of your chakra influences your physical and mental well-being by way of stimulation or inhibition.

The third chakra called Solar Plexus, symbolized by yellow color, is located at the navel. It is of great help for the development of the personality.
Yellow spirals of this painting spreads out a strong positive energy, opening and balancing your 3rd chakra, in order to bring you a strong feeling of self-confidence, as if the world belonged to you.
To give you the will to take up your challenges and reach your goals, in a constant fluidity, in joy, being open, Zen and spontaneous, respecting others and yourself.

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