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Harmony Chakra - 2022

Acrylic on wood - 55.1 x 51.2 in

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Purple spirals linked to the 7th Chakra activate Harmony

Chakras are energy centers that move within our body. Each chakra is linked to a color that relates to the vibration or frequency of a specific chakra. The circulation of energy in each of your chakra influences your physical and mental well-being by way of stimulation or inhibition.

The 7th chakra named Coronal, symbolized by purple and white color, is located at the top of the head. It is in total connection with the brain and the whole nervous system. It is the representative of the highest level of consciousness of a human being. It makes the connection with the universe and the world beyond, it symbolizes harmony.
Purple and white spirals of this painting aim to harmonize and unify all your spiritual activities. The goal is to achieve a clarification of your vocation on earth, a constant feeling of empathy and altruism.

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